I love what I do

My roots are in Maine, I graduated from Skowhegan High School!

I traveled from Maine to Florida in my 20's! This is where my life started. Amazing time and experience! Living in Fort Lauderdale with a childhood friend! Taking the bus to work but always coming home to the beach where I lived in this amazing boutique hotel with her and her parents! They gave us our own apartment, but we worked, amazing experience gained from the few jobs!

So after several years in Florida, my brother was living in Virginia Beach and I was ready for my next adventure, so here I go! Spent the next 8 years working with Price Waterhouse, an amazing accounting firm in Norfolk, VA!

I met and enjoyed the most amazing relationships from working with Price Waterhouse! Which was another amazing experience an growing opportunity! I enjoyed my last few years traveling from Norfolk to DC and Charlotte NC and other offices, what a ride!

From Virginia Beach, I am transferred to Price Watherhouse in Boston!  I have family there, so great!  Another move which I did not realize I was doing moving closer to home, however, clearly I was! I transfer to Price Waterhouse in Massachusetts!

While at Price Waterhouse in Mass since I have Lotus Notes experience from Price Waterhouse, a headhunter reached out and made me an offer I could not refuse! The next adventure was amazing as well! Office in Mass but soon Home based allowed me to move to Martha's Vinyard where I was able to enjoy this this incredible paradise!

The next years involved a restaurant that I ran with my family that was again another incredible experience but not one we would do again! Which led me to my most fulfilling opportunity as the Marketing/Membership Director at the Central Lincoln County YMCA. I cannot say enough about the next 8 years that I spent a this amazing non-profit!  But now is it time for me to take all of this amazing experience and build PEMAQUID DESIGNS!

Tammy Legault